Tips for Putting Together a Breakfast Catering Menu in Toronto

Factors to Consider When Putting Together a Breakfast Catering Menu

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" they tell us, so if you are planning a meeting, whether it be a formal business meeting or more of an informal "get-together," why not hold it at breakfast time? A high quality breakfast is the perfect way to kick off your day and in recent years Pumpernickels has seen the demand for its breakfast catering services in the GTA rise dramatically, especially among our business clientele. There are numerous studies that have been conducted that show not only are we at our most mentally alert in the morning, but we are at our most relaxed too since it's the start of the day and we've yet to face any problems. One question we are frequently asked about by our breakfast catering clients is how to plan the menu. What factors do you need to consider when putting together a breakfast catering menu?

What You Need to Think About When Designing a Breakfast Catering Menu

Designing the perfect menu for your gathering often isn't as simple as most people imagine it will be (if it were, many catering companies would quickly go out of business). While there are several "obvious" factors that need to be considered, there are also multiple "not-so-obvious" factors to think about when designing a breakfast catering menu, all of which can have a significant impact upon the end result. Some of these include:

Assess Your Guest Profile - Before you turn your attention to the food that you could serve, focus on the people that you are catering for and the goal of the "meeting." If it's a get-together with a few close friends to celebrate some exciting news, you'll want to create a relaxing environment, while for a business meeting with an important client you will most likely be looking to impress. So before you start designing your breakfast catering menu, take note of the professional level of those that will attend and your relationship with these people.

Any Preferences? - Having a good understanding of your guest profile can be useful in determining their preferences. If you are catering for a group of health conscious adults the items that feature on your menu will be very different to what you would serve a group of children. It's also useful to be aware that older people are generally less adventurous in their meal selections than younger age groups.

Offer Several Choices - Don't just include one or two different options if you've been tasked with arranging breakfast catering, as this increases the likelihood that some guests might not like anything on the menu (not a good way to impress!). It's therefore always best to offer several different options to cater for everyone's needs.

How Long Do You Have? - There are several types of breakfast catering that you could potentially opt for and the best one will largely depend on how much time you have. For example, a sit-down plated meal is only advisable if your meeting will be relatively long (90 minutes or more), while a buffet might be more practical for shorter meetings. If it is going to be a "working breakfast" you need to incorporate food items that will be able to last for longer periods of time, as the food will typically be consumed at a slower rate.

Any Special Requirements? - One breakfast catering mistake that many individuals and businesses make is to forget to find out whether any of the guests have any special requirements. This could be a specific dietary requirement, an allergy that they have or any restrictions due to religious beliefs. For your event to be a success everyone needs to be able to consume the food that you serve.

Availability of Fresh Ingredients - The time of the year that you are holding your "event" can have a significant impact upon your menu, as items that are out of season will be much harder to source and the quality may be inferior. We would always recommend trying to incorporate fresh, locally grown produce into your menu if possible to ensure a selection of tasty food.
If you require the help of a breakfast catering expert to help you plan your menu and then bring it to life, look no further than Pumpernickels. We have almost 30 years of experience, serving commercial clients as well as individuals in Toronto,

Mississauga and other parts of the GTA. If you would like further information about our catering services or you wish to set up a free consultation, contact a member of our team today.

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