Catering is More than Just Preparing Delicious Food

While the main reason for hiring a catering company is obviously to take care of the food for your event, that's not the only thing professional caterers can assist you with. The food can be out of this world at your event but if other elements are poorly done, the general consensus is unlikely to be positive. Various different factors come into play, all having to be seamlessly co-ordinated and work well with one another to create the right ambience. In fact, many of the other choices involved when organizing an event will have a direct influence on the items that appear on the menu, which has led to the evolution of caterers, stepping out of the kitchen that was once their sole place of work and taking over more responsibility when it comes to event organization.

Other Ways in Which Catering Experts can Assist You

While a catering company provides a much more significant contribution nowadays, we would like to stress that caterers are not substitutes for event planners and should not be relied upon to plan your entire event. As well as using their skills and experience to produce food that delights your guests, a good catering company may also:

Co-ordinate the Timing of the Meal

At any event there are often numerous things going on and the food must be served at the most convenient time -- after all, as they say timing is everything. This is especially true at a wedding reception, where there may be numerous speeches to be made, as well as the bride and groom cutting the cake. A caterer will liaise with both you and your event organizer to ensure the food is delivered at precise times and your guests are not left waiting around wondering whether it got lost.

Serving the Food

Catering companies also perform "front of house" duties, bringing the food out of the kitchen and placing it in front of your guests. Not only that but they will handle any requests that are received by guests and clear away plates and cutlery once guests are finished. This might seem rather trivial but the little details often make the biggest difference at a special event, and reputable catering companies will supply enough staff to ensure guest's enquiries are answered promptly.

Creating the Right Ambience

While the food undoubtedly plays the starring role, the environment in which it is served certainly plays an important supporting role, and it is becoming more and more common for a catering company to help you get this aspect of your event right too. They are particularly adept at setting a table up so that it is both functional and aesthetically appealing, in addition to choosing table linen, plates and cutlery that are perfectly suited to both your preferences and the occasion. Whether you are aiming to achieve a traditional, cozy look and feel or are attempting to create something more modern, a quality caterer will have the skills and experience to help you select the elements needed to realize your vision.

Selecting the Perfect Lighting

Just as lighting can enhance our own appearance, carefully selected lighting can also make the food served at your event look more aesthetically appealing. Lighting is also key to creating the right ambience and other than the table and the food itself, is one of the most important features of the venue that will host your event. If the venue doesn't already have the correct type of lighting, your caterer may be able to help you rent something appropriate.

Anyone Need a Drink?

When the word "catering" is mentioned the focus is very much on the food that will be provided at the event; but what about the drink? It's almost impossible to enjoy a meal without a drink in your hand. If you want to serve alcoholic drinks at your event you will need to ensure that the catering company holds all the relevant licenses.

Choice of Flowers

The use of flowers to create the right ambience will largely depend on the type of occasion the room is being prepared for. For example, at a wedding, flowers are a vital "prop," helping to add the desired style, character and personality to the event. Modern caterers can work alongside your florist or event planner to help select types of flowers that combine well with the items on the menu. It's important to avoid varieties of flowers that are either too heavily scented or are so large that they obstruct your guests' view. It's also important that you consider the colour of the flowers and make sure they don't clash with the table design you have selected. As you can see, modern catering companies provide much more value to an event than simply preparing the food. To find out just how comprehensive the service is at Pumpernickel's, pick up the phone and speak to a member of our staff today. We provide our services to residents and business owners in Toronto, Mississauga and Vaughan.

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