Creative Event Catering Ideas That Will Enhance the Occasion

The typical fare served at a party, shower, or business event can get stale pretty quickly. If you attend several of these functions a month, the same old traditional party foods just won’t help to cultivate the fun and exciting atmosphere that you hope to see as a host. There’s no doubt that sandwiches and pasta salads are delicious, but ham and cheese on wheat does not make for unique memories. Serve up something truly original that will make your guests’ mouths water and be remembered for months to come.

Inventive Event Catering for a Time to Remember

  1. Pick a Theme - A creative theme party with decorations, music, and food to match always goes down well for large events. Live along the coast? Have a sea-themed party with any kind of seafood from lobster rolls to herb-crusted salmon, and sushi. Ocean-inspired cocktails will have your guests singing sailor shanties in no time. Wild wild west, high tea, a campfire, a luau, a season, or a holiday. If you can think of the theme, you can create interesting party foods to complement it.
  2. Pick a Cuisine - Another great way to coordinate food with décor is to prepare dishes from a certain country or region. Favourites such as Mexican or Pan-Asian are easy go-tos, but try something a bit more exotic to really give your party a punch. Ethiopian, Indian, and Moroccan are different enough to get your friends talking, but palatable for the average Toronto guest. You might surprise yourself by discovering a new favourite cuisine.
  3. Show It Off - While taste is obviously the first consideration for successful event catering, display counts for more than you may know. As with people, first impressions of food are important so be sure to set up an eye-catching display to show off your delicious dishes. Forks, knives, and spoons are boring on their own, but a vintage sign above them that says “Eat Here” will direct guests to the right place and create a lively atmosphere. Coordinate and alternate food colours, set up dishes on different levels, serve food in unusual containers such as mason jars, wooden cutting boards, or inside a fruit rind. Serve it in an unexpected way like gourmet meals on rustic dishes or casual classics like popcorn or candy in fancy cocktail glasses. Presentation may not be everything, but it often counts for a lot.
  4. Do-It-Yourself Stations - When you’re planning a large event, it’s hard to accommodate everyone’s individual dietary restrictions and preferences. DIY stations are an interactive way for guests to get a bit creative and ensure that they don’t have to leave a small pile of anything unwanted at the edge of their plate. From make-your-own pizza to custom s’mores to taco bars and smoothie stations, DIY lets your guests get more involved and takes the pressure off of the host.
  5. Mix It Up - One of the best ways to create an event worth remembering is to do the unexpected. Formal events like weddings or anniversaries have the tendency to quickly become overly stuffy, preventing people from letting loose and having fun. Instead of sticking to filet mignon, think about serving breakfast for dinner or give wedding guests personal-sized pizza entrees. Getting quirky will prevent your event from blending in with parties past and future.

Event catering can make or break a party. Consider employing a professional event catering company to help you plan the menu and serve the food in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. After years in the business, Pumpernickel’s will work side by side with you to plan party catering or business catering menus that will have your guests going back for seconds.

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