Foods That Help You Kick Start Your Day

It’s become a health guideline cliché that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but in this case, the experts are completely right. Too many busy Toronto residents skip breakfast in the morning, explaining that they’re on a strict diet, trying to lose weight, don’t feel hungry in the morning, or have too little time to eat before work. Companies can help to counteract the ill effects of skipping breakfast by offering breakfast catering on Fridays or during early morning meetings. At Pumpernickel’s, we believe in eating fresh, delicious food that is packed full of nutrients and energy, core values that we bring to our event catering. Take a look at how our breakfast catering options will turn you into an instant morning person.

Good Morning from Pumpernickel’s Breakfast Catering

  1. Healthy Nature Lover Parfaits - Our delicious and nutrient-rich parfaits are made with creamy low-fat vanilla yogurt divided with layers of crunchy granola and sweet fresh fruit. Served in either individual cups or a large bowl, this is a great option for health-conscious companies and employees.
  2. Protein That Packs a Punch - Choose from hearty, protein-rich scrambled eggs, sausage, and bacon to accompany sweet and filling French toast or seasoned, crispy breakfast potatoes. If you prefer to eat your eggs breakfast sandwich-style, our Upper Crust serves up custom-made omelettes with your choice of veggies and meats stuffed in between slices of English muffin or mini croissant.
  3. Savory/Sweet Continental Breakfast - Our team of expert bakers rises with the sun to bring you fresh, delectable baked goods. Muffins, Danishes, croissants, scones, coffee cake, and bagels – nothing goes better with your first (or second or third) cup of coffee than European-style breakfast pastries. Available in standard or mini sizes, these delicious pastries come with cream cheese, peanut butter, jam, and butter for the perfect start to the morning.
  4. Authentic Deli Lox - For many around the world, no breakfast catering spread is complete without that classic staple: bagels and lox. Unveil pre-made mini bagel sandwiches with smoked lox, cream cheese, capers and onions on the side or go all out with the make-your-own smoked salmon platter complete with cucumber, tomato, red onion, salmon, cream cheese, capers, and bagels on the side.
  5. Fresh Seasonal Fruits - The perfect accompaniment to every breakfast, juicy and colourful fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and grapes are a healthy addition to any of our breakfast offerings or a healthy snack throughout the day. Believe us, we’re bored with melon-heavy fruit cups as well, which is why we try our best to provide you with a tasty fruit sampling. Our offerings vary by season and may include cherries, watermelon, peaches, pineapples, cantaloupe, melon, and blackberries.
  6. Energy Drinks - People are very particular about their breakfast beverages. Many Canadians live and die by the energizing and delicious aromas of freshly brewed coffee. For them, the delicious prospect of coffee is one of the few delights that get them out of bed in the morning. Milder souls may opt for black tea while caffeine-abstainers can cup their hands around a steaming mug of herbal tea. Or, get your daily dose of vitamin C with Tropicana orange juice and a selection of other fruit juices.

Wake up to some delicious offerings from Pumpernickel’s breakfast catering menu. Even the most reluctant of bedheads will be ready for whatever the day has to offer. For early morning business catering or mid-morning event catering, Pumpernickel’s breakfast menu serves up all of your rise-and-shine favourites for tasty and healthy food that will jump-start your metabolism and get you ready to start the day.

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