How to Make Your Party Memorable

Party Catering & More: How to Make Your Party Memorable

If you're organizing a party for a loved one or a close friend it goes without saying that you want everything to be just right. You want them to have a good time and for it to be a day to remember for all those involved. But how do you achieve that outcome? There's more to party catering and planning the perfect celebration than simply going down to the local store, buying some ready-made food, emptying it onto a few plates and choosing the person's favourite music to put on in the background. Pumpernickels has been privileged enough to have been involved in the organisation of dozens of parties over the years in Toronto, Mississauga and several other parts of the GTA, and we've come to realise that for a party to be truly successful there are a number of "core ingredients" that can't be "skipped," which we are going to talk about during the course of this article.

Organising the Perfect Celebration: More than Good Party Catering

As one of the leading catering companies in the GTA it would be easy for us to try and convince you that the only thing you need in order to create the perfect party is good food. However, we've built our reputation on honesty, hard work and by making our clients' needs our number one priority. We do more than just prepare excellent food!

  • Guest List & Size of the Party - Many people think "the bigger, the better" when it comes to organising a party, but that is rarely true. Determine exactly who you would like to be there; don't just invite people for the sake of it. You have to realise that in order for the party to be a success, the guests in attendance have to feel comfortable. Don't invite everyone the person knows if they aren't too fond of large gatherings. In addition to this being unpleasant for the person you're throwing the party for, it'll also drive up party catering costs needlessly. You also need to think about how people you invite will interact. Are there several recognisable "groups" that these people will likely form? You need to ensure there's little to no awkwardness or segregation between these groups, otherwise it can make for a very bad party atmosphere.
  • Location - In addition to the party catering, the location can be another "make it or break it" kind of feature of the party, depending on who the party is for and what the occasion is. Obviously if it's a birthday party for a two year old, the choice of location isn't such a big deal (your home is often perfectly fine), but if you are celebrating your wedding anniversary or your son's graduation, taking some time to choose the perfect setting can pay off big-time. If you are throwing a home party, ensure you notify neighbours beforehand.
  • Entertainment - No party would be complete without some kind of entertainment. You need to select an appropriate type of entertainment based on who's on the guest list and who the party is for. While a live band might be great for a 21st birthday party, it's not a form of entertainment that would be appropriate for a young child's birthday party. You should also try and avoid putting people in awkward situations and pressuring them to do something unless the guests actually enjoy the activity, i.e. karaoke.
  • Be the Perfect Host - As the host of the party, making all the necessary preparations only accounts for 50 percent of your responsibilities; you still have to make sure everything is executed flawlessly on the day. This means making sure everything is ready on time (including the food and entertainment) and greeting guests as they arrive. Once the party starts you should "mingle," making sure everyone has what they need and introduce people to each other as you go to create the perfect atmosphere.
  • Select a Quality Party Catering Service - While a party doesn't solely rely on quality food being served, it is a very important feature of any party and is something people will likely comment on for some time afterwards. Rather than putting an immense amount of pressure on yourself by doing the party catering yourself, look into using one of the professional catering services that operate in your area, as this will guarantee you have an array of high quality food that is tailored to the preferences of the people on your guest list and will free up your time so you can dedicate yourself to organising other aspects of the party.

Pumpernickel's would be delighted to be offered the opportunity to make your party a special day. We are an experienced party catering team, preparing some of the highest quality food in Toronto, Mississauga and the rest of the GTA. We also offer business catering and breakfast catering services. Contact us today for further information.

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